4 Good Reasons to Consider Buying an Outdoor Shade Sail in Brisbane

Have you been wondering whether you can have your own cool shade to rest under during hot afternoons? With the temperatures rising year after year, buying the outdoor shade sails Brisbane has to offer is probably the best solution to your question. And with the city having a subtropical climate defined by warm weather conditions throughout the year, you and other Brisbanites might want a quick solution other than building costly patio enclosures.

Although Brisbane is the best place for sun seekers, being exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays or UV rays for long periods of time is a serious health hazard. On a similar note, having your vehicle and other outdoor furniture exposed under the sun every day may result in fading and irreparable damage.

Now, here are more reasons to why you should consider buying and installing a shade sail right away.


In the year 2017 alone, the Queensland capital has experienced a record-breaking heat temperature of about 39 degrees Celsius. Therefore, Brisbane outdoor shade sails are your quickest solution to protecting yourself and your loved ones from the sun’s harmful rays. By adding a shade, you are able to block 85 percent of ultraviolet rays, thus lessening your risk of developing skin diseases and heat stroke.


You might not know this, but the outdoor shade sails Brisbane has for you, come in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, you can also have it customised to suit your needs. Do you need a large sail for BBQ parties, or perhaps a shade over your swimming pool? How about a shade for your child’s playground or sandpit? Wherever there is a need for shade, you can have one expertly designed according to application.


Are you thinking of installing awnings on your veranda or entranceway? What about adding your own carport for your vehicle? These may seem to be a pretty good idea, but unfortunately, these may cost you an arm and a leg. However, buying outdoor shade sails in Brisbane is probably the most affordable, safe, durable, aesthetically-pleasing, and efficient alternative for you. Imagine how much time and money you are going to save since you will not need a building contractor anymore.


The outdoor shade sails Brisbane offers, are made from permeable, mesh-type material, making it good for ventilation. Unlike steel and solid roofing, this allows adequate airflow to pass through creating a cooling effect, especially during intense heat. With its various angles and shapes, you can expect maximum protection from the heat of the sun while cool breeze flowing through your surroundings, making this a great area for hosting afternoon BBQ parties.

Shade sails can transform your barren backyard into a relaxing haven during hot summers. You can enjoy parties and even a quiet afternoon tea time without worrying about getting baked under the sun’s heat. With dynamic, stylish, and eye-catching appearance, you can even use them for commercial applications. To find outdoor shade sails Brisbane has today, you can check out Versatile Structures for a wide array of designs.