Choosing the Best Font for Your Website Design

When it comes to a perfect website design, one of the things to consider is the overall look of your page. An important element to always put in mind when coming up with the design of your website is the font. Having a beautiful website for your website can help with your overall look and also make your content readable. If you are looking for the best magento development team in Leicester who can help craft your very own website, check out Nine Dot Media, a website design and development agency who caters to helping local businesses reach their full potential.


website design
website design

To help you out in choosing the best website design, the hard-working staff of Nine Dot Media is there to help you out. Here are some things to consider when choosing a font for your website.

1 – Its Readability

First and foremost, one of the most important things to consider when choosing the font for your website is to make sure it is readable for your viewers. The important things to consider is its typeface and size, make sure that the font is readable both on your laptop and mobile device.

2 – Serif or Sans Serif

To explain the basics a serif font consists of small lines coming out from the edges of the letter while a sans serif font does have strokes at the end. Compared to a serif font that is more of a decorative type, a sans serif font is better used for the website because it is more clean, modern and readable, perfect for people who stumble upon your website and want to read the content inside. If your website has children in your target market it is best to use a serif font since it is more simple to read. Using a sans serif font for your header also helps to catch the attention of readers. Popular typefaces you can use for your website include Helvetica, Georgia, Arial and more.

3 – Choose the Font Palette Perfect for You

If you wish to go the extra mile and get more creative with your website design, you do not need to use the standard website fonts. Take the time to choose your font palette and see what kinds of typefaces fit the branding of your website. You can have the web designers magento eCommerce web design in leicestershire help choose from a variety of unique typefaces. There are various kinds of other categories to choose from such as cursive, monospaced and more.

4 – The Font Matches Your Message

There are lots of beautiful fonts you can choose from to use for the design of your website, but when it comes to choosing the right font also needs to match your branding. Think about how the typeface relays the tone of your branding. For example, if you own a flower crown shop, you can use cursive or swirly fonts that give off that feminine vibe or using a bold sans serif font for a business agency for a serious tone.

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