Perks of using oil filter machines for commercial kitchens

Running a commercial kitchen? Probably, using cooking oil takes a big part from your budget, especially if you have plenty of fried food on your menu. Therefore, you must find the best ways to regulate your oil usage through your operation. Hence, consider buying a commercial oil filter machine for your business today.


As its name tells, a cooking oil filter machine is a system that filters your cooking oil. It helps remove the remnants of food and ingredients from used cooking oil. Hence, it can bring practical perks to your commercial kitchen, such as making your used cooking oil ready for reuse.


Optimise your business with a commercial oil filter machine today


By removing the scraps of food and ingredients from used oil, cooking oil filters can easily make cooking oil reusable in the kitchen. These filters help stretch the lifespan of cooking oil to 50% longer, hence reducing the need to buy and use new cooking oil for business operations. Aside from this benefit, a commercial oil filter can do more wonders for a commercial kitchen, such as:


Great food quality


Food particles, air, water and heat can damage cooking oil quality overtime. When cooking oil keeps such impurities during operations, your kitchen will produce low quality and unpleasant food to serve. It can even affect standard operating procedures since your cooks need to adjust significantly while handling damaged oil.


That’s why oil changing is necessary for a commercial kitchen. Why buy waste good cooking oil if you can simply filter it and then reuse it, right?


The best commercial oil filter machine can keep the quality of cooking oil on a good level. It removes impurities to help produce better quality fried goods, which can lead to another wonderful benefit.


Increase customer satisfaction


As discussed earlier, a commercial oil filter machine can help your kitchen produce quality food. Hence, expect to reap fascinating feedback from customers who love your fried dishes. If people love the food you serve, they will come back for more. They can even bring their friends along because they trust you in serving the best fried goods.


In other words, simply using a trusty oil filtration system can also help increase your sales. And that’s while significantly reducing the oil you use for kitchen operation.


Operation convenience and efficiency


Before the development of advance cooking oil filters, commercial kitchens use manual processes in cleaning the oil they use. This is manually filtering the oil after operations since it takes a lot of time to complete. Hence, staff cannot do it in between kitchen operations.


That also results in poor quality oil filtration, since food substances can break down into tinier particles when left in hot oil. Such minuscule particles can pass through the holes of manual and inefficient filters back then.


However, today, you can use efficient oil filters along with commercial fryers for business. Such filters have higher grade filters that can efficiently block minuscule impurities in the cooking oil. Moreover, oil filter machines are automatic, so your staff can do it conveniently between cooking operations. That’s because the entire filtration process only lasts up to around 5 minutes, depending on the quantity of the oil.


A cooking oil filter can do wonders for your business practically! Buy the best cooking oil filter, and revolutionize your kitchen today.


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